3 Super Easy Ways to Smooth Out Your Nails

Thin, ridged nails can be caused by more than just a damaging nail service; it can be anything from your diet to genetics! Luckily, we have just what you need for strong, but smooth and soft to the touch nails.
Here are 3 Easy Ways to Smooth Out Your Nails:
1. Stop Buffing!
Use Londontown’s Fortifying Ridge Filler for an instant and visible transformation. This will fill in ridges and blur imperfections for a perfect canvas. Use before color or on its own for a natural matte finish.
2. Upgrade your Nail File!
Try Londontown’s Glass Nail File to achieve a seriously smooth shape. Glass is much softer on your nails and seals each layer together to prevent peeling. You can even wash your glass file with soap and water and use it over and over again!
3. Keep Them Nourished!
Our Nail Hardener & Base Coat doesn’t just molecularly bond to our lakurs, it works as a treatment too!
Here’s How: 
Apply 1 thin coat of Fortifying Ridge Filler to smooth out ridges
Then apply 1 coat of Nail Hardener & Base Coat once a day until you see desired results.
Your nails will be flawless in no time!

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