Stocking Stuffers Under $100

Look no further! Your go-to stocking stuffer list is below. Save money & time with these affordable nail care essentials!

Cuticle Oil+Cuticle Remover.jpg

Cuticle Saver ($28)

If manicures were only for women they’d be called womanicures! Treat your man to salon perfect nails at home in two simple steps! Melt away over grown cuticles with our Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover & add one drop of a super hydrating Nourishing Cuticle Oil for moisture & glow!


Londontown Trio ($40)

This starter kit for that gal who just fell in love with painting her nails includes the must-haves for flawless manis!
Our three top sellers, one low cost.
GelGenius Top+Base.jpg
Need a gel-like mani without the damage? No UV light needed & that shine is SO unreal!
Forget gel manis, this set is your go-to!

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