The 5 Best Metallics This Season

There's no better accessory to an outfit than the perfect metallic polish. It can be hard to find the right shimmer to match your style. We've featured a few metallic shades that universally complement styles and complexions. Best of British - There's something comforting about a classic metallic gold. This thick formula is bound to… Continue reading The 5 Best Metallics This Season


Holiday Gift Guide: Nail Edition

Because finding the perfect gift is easy…right? WRONG! Don’t Worry, that’s why we’re here. We’ve listed some ideas for presents that are guaranteed to satisfy the hardest to shop for. 1. For the friend who paints her nails too close to bed time: Instant Smudge Fix ($14) Bye-bye sheet lines, imprints, smudges, and dents! Worry…… Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide: Nail Edition

WAIT! You didn’t Prime it?!

You don’t apply makeup before primer so why are you applying polish without a base coat? Base coats are formulated to help polishes apply smoothly and adhere to your bare nail. They’re essential to creating that flawless base you deserve. Londontown’s Nail Hardener & Base Coat will prime, prep & harden your nails for the…… Continue reading WAIT! You didn’t Prime it?!

Prevent it but if it Happens, Here’s How to Deal

The last worry you should ever have on your mind is a chipped mani – so overrated! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered on how to keep that mani looking fresh for at least 7 days. Base it with a Nail Hardener & Base Coat to create a stronger canvas preventing nail splitting. 2. Reinforce…… Continue reading Prevent it but if it Happens, Here’s How to Deal

3 Tips for a High-Shine Mani

What girl doesn’t appreciate an extra shine on her fingers? These simple, easy tips will help to boost the shine & add that wow factor! 1. File your nails in one direction with a glass nail file. Londontown’s Glass Nail file is better for filing for a more gentle touch on nails & it helps…… Continue reading 3 Tips for a High-Shine Mani

We’re Back with a Vengeance!

This Fall, choose a lakur that does more than just color. Infused with botanicals, each LONDONTOWN polish is infused with hydrating ingredients to deeply nourish & color! Dare to try a 10-day, chip-free lakur? Our new fall collection is the same great botanically infused formula with a brand NEW brush that allows for easier application & minimizes…… Continue reading We’re Back with a Vengeance!